All of my personal projects can be found on GitHub, here are a few key repositories that I am proud of:


ClangBuiltLinux is a collaborative organization between several engineers across different companies like Google, Linaro, and IBM to improve building the Linux kernel with the LLVM tools such as clang and lld. I have contributed various fixes to the mainline Linux kernel, helped triage and debug issues on the issue tracker, improved the continuous integration setup through a set of scripts and Docker images, and developed a set of toolchain build scripts for myself and others to use for consistent testing/developing.

Flash Kernel

I supported the Pixel 2 (XL) [walleye/taimen], Pixel (XL) [sailfish/marlin], OnePlus 6 (enchilada), OnePlus 5/T (cheeseburger/dumpling), and Nexus 6P (angler).

All of my kernels focused on stability/security by merging in the stable updates from, any relevant updates from Qualcomm, and building with newer compilers to fix warnings during compilation. Below are the highlights for each kernel.

Other interesting personal repos

Other open source contributions