Another month down! Feels like I just wrote the March 2021 post… but I suppose that is what happens when your project moves super quickly :)

Linux kernel patches

Patch review and input

When possible, I link directly to my response but sometimes, the link is to the main post and my response can be seen inline.

Issue triage and reporting

A lot more issues in upstream LLVM this month and I ran into two regressions with external tools. Thankfully, those were quick to be resolved so testing could get back on track. As with previous months, the link is usually to the main post/issue and my input can be seen throughout.

Tooling improvements

A little all over the place this month, no major work now that the continuous integration setup is stable and the other tools are working well.

Behind the scenes

Three things that were more behind the scenes this month:

  • ClangBuiltLinux did a bug scrub on two days, where we sat down in Google Meet and worked on a shared Google Doc to try and see if we could reproduce old issues. I think we ended up touching somewhere around 100 issues, closing several issues that are no longer relevant. This will allow us to stay focused and work through a clean backlog as we have time in the future. It is the balance of dealing with new issues while finding time to work on the old or getting more people involved with the project ;)

  • I did a lot of testing of the Control Flow Integrity series on both arm64 (which I mention above) and x86_64. Unfortunately, the x86_64 testing became moot when the x86 maintainers basically NAK’d the series in its current form. I will continue testing in May, hoping to tease out any failures so that those are all resolved by the time the series is ready for a new revision.

  • I received a BeagleV board as part of their beta program for the sake of testing clang built kernels on it. I messed around with it a little bit already, I will continue this in May.

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