This month felt longer than others but I feel like that was because I was a lot more spread out in the work that I was doing. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Linux kernel patches / backports

Patch review and input

This month had quite a lot of review and patch testing, maybe more than the previous month. Code review is so critical for the success of these projects so it is important to do it quickly and well due to the velocity of both LLVM and Linux. There When possible, I link directly to my response but sometimes, the link is to the main post and my response can be seen inline.

Issue triage and reporting

As always, a little bit all over the place, LLVM and kernel issues, revisiting old problems, and triaging/reporting new ones :)

Tooling improvements

Way more continuous integration work this time around, namely due to the additional testing with Android’s LLVM and regressions or changes upstream.

Special thanks to: